Why host a congress

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

There are many advantages for you as a local congress host and here are some of main advantages to get familiar with

International presentation, promotion and recognition of your work

Hosting a congress proposes a unique opportunity for you to showcase your professional work, as well as institution and local association, to your international colleagues. Boosting your professional credentials through the international awareness and recognition 

Extension of your professional international network

Hosting a congress creates a valuable foundation for the creation and strengthening of your professional network and relations which can initiate new collaborations with international colleagues, creating new knowledge, inspiration and results.

Recruitment of new talent

Hosting a congress pinpoints your institution’s place on the scientific world map and can assist in boosting the attraction and recruitment of international researchers and experts within your scientific field. Heightening the standard of your institution’s study environment and results and enhancing your recruitment platform.

Strengthening of local scientific motivation and collaboration

Hosting a congress strengthens the collaboration and solidarity within your local scientific environment, institution and society, resulting in a boost in internal and local motivation and the attainment of new perspectives, knowledge sharing and inspiration.

Supporting local stakeholders and economy

Hosting a congress in Greater Copenhagen boosts the marketing and promotion of Denmark’s capital significantly on an international level and supports, contributes and encourages growth and employment in your local community.

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