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Universities, Science Parks and Colleges of higher education

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If you work in a university, science park or at a college of higher education, your institution can benefit from a congress. Wonderful Copenhagen's skilled team is ready to assist you for free.

A faculty is often measured by the number of papers produced and published and the research and results that are achieved. That is why it is important to attract and hold on to skilled employees.

An international congress is a platform to spotlight your field and expertise and draw interest from potential new colleagues from Denmark and abroad. On top, a congress is a unique opportunity to create political attention and pave the way for investments.

Contact Wonderful Copenhagen if you want to learn more about how establishing a new congress can benefit your field of work.

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When Copenhagen hosts an international congress, multiple industries benefit. This is why the municipality, the hospitality industry, and Wonderful Copenhagen support you for free when founding a congress.


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Our skilled team is ready to help qualify your idea and establish a new congress in Copenhagen. Built on decades of experience working with international congresses we facilitate your contemplation and visions.


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free tool kit and assistance
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No international congress covering your specific area of interest or expertise? Wonderful Copenhagen offers free tools and assistance when you want to establish a new international congress in Copenhagen.


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