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Top 10 reasons to why Copenhagen is an ideal congress city

You’ve might have attended congresses in many cities, but did you know that Copenhagen is one of the world’s most popular congress cities? Why? Read along here. 

When you bid to host a congress, you must not only proof that Denmark and Copenhagen has something to offer on the topic of the congress. You must also show that the city can accommodate and handle large groups of people. Which it can!


1 Available

Regardless of where and how you travel, it is easy to get to Copenhagen. Arrive by plane at Northern Europe’s largest airport, travel by train, car, boat or bus. Many low-cost airlines fly to Copenhagen, and there are good train connections from many European cities.

2 Affordable

The trip from the airport to the center takes 12 minutes by metro or train. It is faster than in any other capital in Europe and costs only €5. Get around quickly by public transport, on foot or take the bicycle, the Copenhageners’ preferred means of transport.

3 Safe

Copenhagen has repeatedly been voted the world’s safest city, most recently in 2021 and is knonw for low crime rates, a high standard of living and free education. The city is designed for pedestrians and cyclists and is compact and easy to navigate.

4 Excelent facilities

The capital region offers 30,000+ hotel rooms, and a great selection both in terms of price and standard – from boutique and five-star hotels to budget hotels. The same applies to the selection of meeting and conference facilities.

5 Entertainments

A capital with historical monuments and magnificent, modern architecture in the world’s oldest monarchy. A vibrant city at the harbour with stylish bars, small venues, great art, shopping, attractions, and a world-class restaurant scene.

6 Experienced

For decades, Copenhagen has been one of the world’s most popular congress cities and has played host to some of the world’s largest and most significant international congresses. The suppliers in the city are experienced and skilled at collaborating.

7 Sustainable

Copenhagen is a well-known climate front runner, and it is easy to find environmentally certified hotels and congress venues and experts in how to arrange environmentally friendly and responsible events.

8 Knowledge hub

Copenhagen is a recognized knowledge hub with a high concentration of universities, hospitals, and knowledge institutions. The cooperation between public and private bodies is well functioning.

9 Reliable

Denmark is one of the world’s least corrupt countries, and you can trust the agreements made. Danes are known for being efficient and professional. Most are good at English and even other foreign languages . This is not least an advantage in negotiations.

10 Welcoming

The Danes have repeatedly been named the world’s happiest people and are perceived as tolerant and straightforward. ‘Hygge’ is a national sport, and Copenhagen regularly tops lists of the world’s best cities to live in.

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