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Professional Congress Organisers and Congress Centers

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If you work as a professional congress organiser or in a congress center, Wonderful Copenhagen's congress department can offer you free assistance in establishing a new congress.

Built on in depth knowledge on how to plan and execute an international congress both professional congress organiser and major congress centres can extend and excel business by initiating new congresses within areas that do not already have a dedicated congress.

A congress designed around a notable topic with a tailored program presenting high quality content can be a lucrative project if built on a solid business model together with the right partners and stakeholders.

Contact Wonderful Copenhagen if you want to learn more about how establishing a new congress can benefit your business.

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Want to draw attention to your area of expertise or field of work? A congress is an ideal platform to spotlight your passion while generating knowledge, networking with peers, and paving the way for talent, investments, and export. 


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When Copenhagen plays host to an international congress, multiple industries benefit, this is why the municipality, the hospitality industry, and Wonderful Copenhagen are ready to support you when establishing a congress.


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free tool kit and assistance
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No international congress covering your specific interest or expertise? Wonderful Copenhagen’s ‘Copenhagen Congress Incubator’ program presents tools and assistance when you want to establish a new congress in Copenhagen. 


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