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No existing international congress covering your specific interest or expertise? Wonderful Copenhagen’s ‘Copenhagen Congress Incubator’ programme provides tools and assistance for establishing a new congress in Copenhagen.

Describe and document

You need the right people to understand your congress idea and get as motivated about it as you are. To help you on your journey of describing and documenting your idea, follow the steps below. Wonderful Copenhagen can also advise you on how to describe and document your idea.

Assess the potential

An assessment of the expected positive impacts and effects of the congress - including on other industries such as hotels and venues and on society in general - must be integrated into the design of the congress  early in the development-process. Wonderful Copenhagen can assist with how to assess the potential of the congress potential.

Identify stakeholders

A range of people and organisations (stakeholders) will have an interest in the congress, but their interests will differ. They should, therefore be involved in the design and development of the congress in ways that are relevant for interest and role. Wonderful Copenhagen can assist with identifying and reaching out to relevant stakeholders.

Conduct a market analysis

You need to conduct a market analysis to make sure you are establishing a congress that’s relevant to and valuable for your target audience. You also need to challenge your idea and to know how it resonates with potential participants, universities, local businesses and politicians. Wonderful Copenhagen can advise you on how to conduct a market analysis.

Develop a communication strategy

You need to communicate your idea to the right people, at the right time, in the right way. Effective communication will be a strong contributor to the success of your project. Wonderful Copenhagen can advise you on how to develop a communications strategy.


Want to draw attention to your area of expertise or field of work? Learn why a congress is an ideal platform.


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We can assist you

Our skilled team is ready to help you qualify your idea and establish a new international congress in Copenhagen.


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Cph is here to support you

When Copenhagen hosts an international congress, multiple industries benefit. Therefore, our services are free of charge.


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