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Clusters & Alliances in Greater Copenhagen

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Being a part of several national clusters and alliances in the Greater Copenhagen area strengthens our expertise in various fields of knowledge supporting our everyday work.

A city of strong knowledge clusters

Greater Copenhagen is subject to several strong knowledge clusters, collaborations and alliances. Being part of Medicon Valley, The Danish-Swedish life-science cluster, Greater Copenhagen is in the heart of Europe’s fastest growing biotech cluster. Moreover, Greater Copenhagen is home to Copenhagen Bio Science Cluster, an initiative to establish world-class research within bio-medicine and bio-technology. For an overview of all our knowledge hubs and alliances click here, or take a look at the Copenhagen Cluster Catalogue.

14 new business clusters

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has appointed 14 new business clusters with the purpose of creating more innovation in society by further improving cooperation between science and business. The clusters give you access to the right knowledge and the right people who inspire, lift ideas to innovative and promising businesses and help find funding

The clusters are:

MARLOG is a business and technology cluster that covers the entire chain of value: From the development and production of technology and equipment for management, service and logistics on a global level. The cluster includes end-to-end logistic solutions, as well as transportation through sea, air and on the ground, whether it being of people or goods, with related needs and potentials for development and innovation. Read more.

​​​​​​Business and technology cluster focused on Life Science and Welfare Technology. Covers the entire value chain within medicines, biotech solutions and medicoproducts. Welfare technology covers technical and digital tools and solutions within health, social and elder care. Read more.

Business and technology cluster for Advanced production covers the chain of value within production and automatization technology, with a high focus on businesses within machine manufacturing. The cluster effort shall improve digital solutions and the use of new advanced materials through cooperation between production companies and research. Read more.

The Finance and fintech (finance technology) cluster covers banks, investment, insurance, pension and other financial business where technology stimulates innovation, e.g. through the development of payment solutions, financial management and solutions targeting the individual. Read more.

Business and technology cluster covering animation, games and movies. Targeting companies that work with parts or whole of the value chain within the production of animations, film, tv, commercials, video games, interactive technologies, licensing, distribution and steaming. Appointed as a growing cluster by the Danish Board of Business Development. Read more.

​​​​​​The business and technology area energy technology covers technologies related to energy production and to energy-efficient solutions in a business context. The area includes industries and value chains within energy production, infrastructure, storage, transport, conversion, planning, energy efficient technologies, electrification, sector switching, design, consulting and integration of systems. Read more.

​​​​​​The business and technology area environmental technology covers solutions within, among other things, water, air and soil treatment, water supply, wastewater, chemical substitutes, waste management, circular economy, climate adaptation, resource efficiency, process optimization of waste reduction and new and recycled plastics. Read more.

The business and technology area Food and Bioresources covers the supply and value chain from primary production to processing and distribution of food to value creation via biological residual and side streams as well as environmentally and climate-friendly alternatives within, among other things, biogas, materials, chemicals and feed. Read more

The business and technology area design, fashion and furniture covers design companies that work with graphic and visual design, product design and housing and clothing companies, including design and production of furniture, interiors, textiles, fashion products, etc. Read more.

The business and technology area digital technologies covers IT companies that develop software and IT-related products and services in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer technology, digital communication, big data, blockchain, data analysis and the Internet of Things. Read more.

The business and technology area covers sound technology. The cluster effort focuses on four areas: Healthcare & welfare, environmental sound solutions, creative sound solutions and future soundtech solutions. The primary target group is innovation-mature companies that use sound in technological products and services, or where sound constitutes a significant differentiator, e.g. sound in security systems, robot solutions etc. The area has been designated by the Minister of Education and Research as a burgeoning area. Read more.

The business and technology area covers defence, space and security. CenSec (Center for the Security Industry in Denmark) is a cluster organization for small and medium-sized companies that, in collaboration with leading Danish knowledge institutions, are or want to become suppliers to the Danish and international defence, space and security industry. Read more.

The business and technology area robotics and drone technology covers the development and production of technologies that aim to streamline and increase production across industries. The area includes, for example, surveillance drones, co-operated robots and semi-autonomous systems. The area has been designated by the Danish Business Promotion Board as a burgeoning area. Read more.

The business and technology area of construction and civil engineering covers the entire value chain in the area, which includes buildings, architects, consulting companies and building materials. The construction area primarily covers transport infrastructure as well as its operation and maintenance. Read more.


Copenhagen Convention Bureau has established two strategic alliances; The Life Science Alliance and the Green Conference Alliance that both comprise of the major stakeholders relevant for contributing to the optimal value proposition and potential partnership for an association congress. The Life Science and Cleantech/Green Conference stakeholders can support with a range of activities for the benefit of the association, its delegates and societies both locally and globally.

Life Science Alliance

Is comprised of representatives from local government, academia, cluster and organisations. Please see list of alliance members here.
Support for an association congress can be anything from facilitating contact to key opinion leaders and other relevant stakeholders, promotion of the congress, introduction of the Danish-Swedish Life Science connetion, access to information regarding talent attraction, technical yours and heath care data.

Green Conference Alliance

Is comprised of representatives from local government, academia, cluster and organisations. Please see list of alliance members here.
Support for an association congress can be i.e. outreach activities, technical tours, branding and promotion, potential VIP visits to companies and universities, potential press trips to relevant sites etc. 

The clusters will be accessible for all companies across the country, and the Confederation of Danish Industry is looking forward to the coming cooperation and development.

University Collaboration

Greater Copenhagen represents a wealth of knowledge expertise with its 12 universities. We collaborate closely with the universities in Copenhagen in attracting international association congresses to the city.  

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about our university partners or the Greater Copenhagen clusters and alliances. 

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