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Academics, scientists and association members

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

If you work as a researcher or have a similar role at a science park, university or college of higher education, your field of expertise can benefit from a congress. Wonderful Copenhagen has a skilled team who can offer free assistance in how to establish a congress.

A congress held in Denmark is a unique opportunity to gain national and international attention from colleagues and peers as well as investors and politicians. It is also an opportunity to invite international colleagues and industry or academic peers to get an up-close look at results or products created Denmark.

When you host a congress, you gain many new contacts and will likely develop professional relationships that can provide access to networks and funding sources and pave the way for future collaboration. All of which can be very beneficial for your career.

Contact Wonderful Copenhagen if you want to learn more about how establishing a new congress can benefit your field of work: cvb@woco.dk


Want to draw attention to your area of expertise or field of work? Learn why a congress is an ideal platform.


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We can assist you

When Copenhagen hosts an international congress, multiple industries benefit. That is why our services are free of charge.


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Tool kit

No existing international congress covering your area of interest or expertise? Let us guide and assist you. 


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