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China-Ready Advanced Course

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Get ready for Chinese guests by taking the on-site advanced courses and solve your questions through vis-à-vis communication with Wonderful Copenhagen’s China experts.

Each industry has its own challenges with Chinese travelers. Therefore, our China Ready Crash Courses are tailored to the audience, which usually is from one of these sectors:

  • Hotels & restaurants
  • Retailers
  • Organizations that host technical visits or delegations
  • Attractions and cultural institutions 

The course is based on research data, years of real business experiences and profound cultural insight, and moreover includes discussions on participants' concrete experiences and challenges. 

A course of 2,5 hours costs 35.000 DKK.

Course content varies according to the needs of the participants, but could cover some of the following topics:   

  • Introduction to China
  • The Chinese outbound market
  • Chinese travelers
  • Spending habits
  • Group travelers vs independent travelers
  • Mobile usage and mobile payment solutions
  • Cultural differences and stereotypes
  • Language barriers
  • The importance of Face
  • Interaction & etiquette
  • Do's & don'ts
  • Shopping behavior
  • Chinese gift culture
  • Useful tools
  • Quiz and exercises

For more information, please contact Lee Ann Hollesen at