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Copenhagen harbour safety

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

How do you navigate in the rules of the harbour? Get wiser on guidelines for safe play and overall rules on the water in the Danish capital.

Copenhagen is a lively, working harbour with loads of boats and harbour busses crossing the canals. Paddling the harbour is legal, but due to the busy waters, these are some guidelines for safe play and overall rules on the water:

  • Maximum sailing speed is 6 knots in the main harbour and 4 knots in the canals 
  • Jetski, windsurfing and kitesurfing is not allowed in the harbour 
  • Sailboats are not allowed to set sail in the harbour 
  • Even though the entire harbour is clean enough for bathing, it’s only allowed to swim in the 14 designated ‘bathing zones’ 
  • Fishing is allowed in Copenhagen harbour. Fishing licenses can be purchased on
Urban outdoor in Copenhagen - Danish SUP Tour 2023

Photo:Andreas Maciej Pedersen

When paddling or kayaking in the harbour, these are the rules to follow:  

  • Keep to the right
  • Stay close to the harbour wall 
  • It’s always a good idea to wear a life vest 
  • Check the weather forecast and consider wearing a life vest 
  • Make sure that you’re experienced enough to navigate away from boats and other moving vessels
  • Bringing a partner is a good idea 
  • Wear a light when it’s dark

Where to rent your equipment:

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