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The 2024 ISA World SUP & Paddleboard Championship in Copenhagen

Photo: Andreas Maciej Pedersen

On September 16-22, the 2024 ISA World SUP & Paddleboard Championship takes place in Copenhagen. Here is an overview and facts to go about the popular sports event, that spans 1 week in our Danish capital.

Facts about the 2024 ISA World SUP & Paddleboard Championship:

  • ISA (International Surfing Association) is the world governing authority for Surfing and SUP (stand up paddle)
  • The 2024 ISA World SUP & Paddleboard Championship is held in Copenhagen on September 16-22
  • This' year's competition in Copenhagen will take place at Søren Kirkegaards Plads (Sprint, Long Distance and festival hub) as well as at Amager Strandpark (Technical Race and Team Relay).
  • Only the race disciplines Technical Race, Team Relay, Long Distance and Sprint will take place at the championships in Copenhagen
  • Attendance as a spectator at the event is free 
  • During the championship, The Copenhagen Paddle Festival will take place on Søren Kirkegaards Plads with numerous events such as the Copenhagen SUP mass participation event where everyone can join a social paddle around the canals. Around 1000 paddlers are expected to join
  • For the Sprint event on Sunday, it will be possible for spectators to anchor their boat, SUP or kayak out in the harbour to watch the event up close from the water
  • Further info on the event including schedules and sign-ups for the Copenhagen SUP-event
  • As a precursor to the World Championship festivities, a 'Volkswagen SUP City Tour' will take place at key locations across Denmark this July and August. Here locals and visitors alike can try the sports discipline firsthand and learn more about the major event in Copenhagen in September.

The official descriptions of each discipline are: (source: ISA)

Technical Race

“The Technical Race will take part in both the SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard) and prone paddleboard categories. This discipline demands a high level of technical skills, quick decision-making and agility, as participants navigate obstacles and execute sharp turns throughout multiple laps. The race distance is 5-6 kilometers and will take place in the open ocean. The course is marked by buoys and may include a beach run, where participants run around a marker on land with their board. The start can will be at the beach.”  

Team Relay

“Team Relay involves one man and one woman on SUP and similarly on prone paddleboard making a team of 4 competing against each other. Each member of the team completes a specified course of a distance between 400-1000 meters with buoy turns. In the team relay, participants typically switch using a handshake or by passing the paddle to the next team member at a designated transition zone. This format adds an extra dynamic to competitions by promoting teamwork, swift transitions, and strategic planning to optimize each team's performance.”

Long Distance

“The Long-Distance race will take part in both the SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard) and prone paddleboard categories. This race format primarily tests endurance, strength and, to a lesser extent, technical skills. The race distance is 18-20 kilometers and will take place in Copenhagen Harbour. The course is marked by buoys. The start will be a water start, starting directly on the water. This discipline requires both physical endurance and strategic planning to navigate various conditions.”


“The SUP Sprint tests the athlete's anaerobic performance, speed, technical skills and strength. The race distance is 200 meters with a buoy turn after 100 meters. The start will be a water start with athletes starting directly on the water. This discipline demands explosive strength, quick reactions, and composure during buoy turns.”

Key contacts:

Giuseppe Liverino, Senior Manager - Press & PR, Wonderful Copenhagen, glv@woco.dk

Michael Lindberg, CEO - Surf & Sup Danmark, michael@surfsup.dk

Carsten Arlund, Editor - By & Havn, ca@byoghavn.dk

Casper Steinfath, 6x SUP world champion, caspersteinfath@gmail.com

It is Surf & SUP Denmark, along with the City of Copenhagen, Wonderful Copenhagen and Sport Event Denmark, who have been awarded the 2024 championship from ISA.

Giuseppe Liverino

Senior Manager - Press & PR