Syhavnen - new metro

Harbour baths and hidden gems - explore Copenhagen's new metro extension

Photo: Lukas Bukoven

In the summer of 2024, the metro line M4 in Copenhagen will be extended with five new stations. Here is how to explore the areas around the new stations.

In the summer of 2024, the metro line M4 in Copenhagen will be extended with five new stations: Havneholmen, Enghave Brygge, Sluseholmen, Mozarts Plads, and København Syd.

The official opening of the new 4.5km extension is on the 22nd of June, and, for the first time, art will be an integral part of the architecture and incorporated into the building from the beginning. The Danish Arts Foundation has selected five renowned artists to create works for the metro stations.

The stations will extend the M4 metro line, which will then run from Nordhavn through the city center to Sydhavnen and Valby.

M4 shares stations and tracks with the M3 Cityring, making it easy to transfer to other metro lines. At Copenhagen South, you can switch to other modes of transport and quickly reach other destinations in the capital region or the rest of the country.

Havneholmen - bike bridge

The Bicycle SnakePhoto:Daniel Rasmussen


Explore the area around Havneholmen station, where you'll find:

  • Fisketorvet harbour bath - the first harbour bath to be built in Copenhagen’s harbour back in 2002
  • The entrance to Fisketorvet, a shopping mall including a cinema and food market
  • Green Island is a cafe floating on the water - enjoy a wooden-fired oven pizza with a cocktail or lemonade while the small waves are rocking the floor underneath you
  • The iconic modern bike bridge, The Bicycle Snake
  • BaneGaarden, the urban oasis in the middle of Copenhagen, is just a walk away from metro station with its nine wooden barns hidden in 1.5 hectares of wild nature. 
Enghave Brygge

GoBoat TeglholmenPhoto:Daniel Rasmussen

Enghave Brygge

  • Be your own sailor and rent a GoBoat and explore the canals at Teglholmen
  • Have a view of the industrial H.C. Ørstedsværket standing tall in the area
  • Enjoy a picnic by the water
  • Explore the large playground at the School in Sydhavnen
  • Yum Yoga & Cafe is a cozy cafe which also hosts yoga classes. The menu is vegetarian/vegan with a bit of everything from superfoods to comfort foods and green smoothies to alcohol.
  • Enjoy your breakfast at Nachbar Engholmene before taking a dip in the ocean by the Harbour bath Teglholmen or Sydhavnen.

Café SlusenPhoto:Maria Sattrup


In the area around Sluseholmen you'll see the Dutch inspiration, where canals intersect through the neighborhood and buildings. Here, the kayak is just as useful as the bicycle.

  • Stop by the the harbour promenade at Teglholmen
  • Take a dip in the harbour bath at Sluseholmen
  • Have dinner at Vandvid a floating restaurant with focus on urban farming and local, organic food.
  • Café Slusen a café in cosy surroundings out by the harbour lock in the South harbour neighbourhood. Here you can get delicious food and cold beverages at the water's edge.
  • In Fiskerhavnen there is an authentic fisherman's vibe when you get a little glimpse of the fishing history of Copenhagen – from the traditional boats to the colourful houses.
  • Visit Sydhavnstippen, a green oasis with free-ranging alpacas
Mozarts Plads

Pauli Restaurant and BarPhoto:Lukas Bukoven

Mozarts Plads

The Mozarts Plads was established in the 1930s and has since served as a geographical center and hub in the historic Sydhavn area.

  • Karens Minde Aksen in Sydhavn is a long area near Sjælør Boulevard and Karens Minde Kulturhus which has been climate-adapted and improved for urban spaces. The project has won many awards for the beautiful architecture combined with the facility designed to handle 15,000 m³ of stormwater.
  • Rallys is Sydhavnen's Hidden gem, a local café and bar with its very own atmosphere.
  • Wild Horses located in the authentic Sydhavnen serves really good coffee, breakfast buns from the bakery Benji, salads of the day and vegetarian toasts.
  • Pauli a restaurant and bar in Sydhavnen focusing on new nordic ingredients
København Syd

ValbyparkenPhoto:Daniel Rasmussen

København Syd

København Syd station will be Valby’s first metro station and one of Denmark’s largest stations, where the Metro, S-train lines, regional trains, and long-distance trains converge.  This station is expected to serve more than 30,000 daily passengers in the future, making it one of the country’s most heavily used stations.

  • Valbyparken is Copenhagen's largest park. In the middle of the park, you'll find a 20.000m2 nature playground. At the end of the park, you reach the ocean, where there is even a small beach.
  • Mælk og Honning is a family friendly cafe in Valby not far from the station, where you can enjoy a cup or coffee or a meal, while the kids play around.
Giuseppe Liverino

Senior Manager – Press & PR