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Copenhagen makes National Geographic’s coveted ‘Best of the World’ List for 2021

Author: Marie Dyhr
Photo: Giuseppe Liverino

Praised for creating sustainable solutions that work, Copenhagen is among 25 destinations around the world that National Geographic believes will inspire us in the year ahead.

With the publication of its new “Best of the World 2021” list, National Geographic has announced 25 extraordinary destinations that will define our future itineraries and inspire readers to “dream now, go later.”

Copenhagen is one of only six destinations worldwide that have been selected in the ‘Sustainability’ category. The list was created, researched, reported and written in collaboration with National Geographic Traveler’s international editorial teams, which serve millions of readers across their magazines and websites in more than a dozen offices around the world.

The inclusion of Copenhagen in this particular category is a nod to the city’s strong focus on sustainable solutions. Thus, Copenhagen is often hailed as a frontrunner in sustainability thanks to its state-of-the-art bike infrastructure, efficient public transport network and innovative architectural masterpieces like Copenhill – a waste-to-energy power plant with a ski slope and recreational area atop. These as well as many other green urban solutions are contributing to Copenhagen being on track to become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital by 2025. 

According to National Geographic, the new “Best of the World 2021” list is an optimistic and escapist treasury of next year’s most important destinations and inspiring stories. Framed by five categories—Nature, Adventure, Culture, Sustainability and Family—each inclusion honours a superlative destination with a relevant story to tell for the year ahead. The full 2021 list profiles conservation successes, preservation achievements, cultural resilience and tales of communities overcoming daunting obstacles to emerge from the pandemic.

See the full list here.