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a Giraffe Moment

Surprise: Unleashing the unexpected

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Disrupting the ordinary by introducing unexpected and awe-inspiring elements that challenge participants' perspectives and ways of thinking.

The feeling of surprise is represented by a LEGO® model of a giraffe that unexpectedly sails onto the stage in a small blue boat, jolting participants out of their familiar mindsets and forcing them to look at things from an entirely new perspective – a "Giraffe Moment". By incorporating a Giraffe Moment through groundbreaking content, unconventional formats, or unexpected interactions that defy expectations, event organisers can generate electrifying experiences that shake attendees out of their comfortable positions and inspire transformative new perspectives.

It is important to realise that such moments may be met with denial or resistance by some participants who struggle to embrace change and let go of the status quo. Event organisers must strike a delicate balance, ensuring the element of surprise enhances rather than overwhelms the quality of content and aligns with the event's overarching vision and purpose. Lack of resources, whether financial, time, or skills, can also hinder the execution of surprising moments. Fostering a mindset of innovation, empowering multidisciplinary teams, and cultivating leadership that embraces change are crucial to overcoming these barriers and unlocking the true potential of surprise in crafting unforgettable event experiences.

a Giraffe Moment

©MeetDenmark Photo:Daniel Rasmussen