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Model representing the local destination

Destination: Unlocking local magic

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Leveraging the uniqueness of the host destination, its culture, and its community to infuse authenticity and create a sense of place. 

Connecting participants with local lifestyles, cultures, and communities infuses the event with an authentic sense of place, allowing participants to experience the destination's distinctive essence in a way that can only be achieved at that specific time and location. By involving local communities in the event design process, organisers can rejuvenate their association's membership with an influx of fresh perspectives and enthusiasm, while simultaneously enriching the event's authenticity. However, local organizers with conflicting agendas or fixed mindsets can become barriers. Early collaboration and co-creation with local stakeholders can help develop a shared understanding of the event's objectives and design elements, fostering a harmonious partnership that unlocks the destination's magic.

Destinations can play a pivotal role in promoting environmental sustainability and social advocacy. By embracing local eco-friendly practices, events can cater to the growing demand for sustainable experiences while inspiring hope and action in the face of the climate crisis. Simultaneously, events that use their collective power to advocate for inclusion, human rights, and political freedoms not only open their magical experiences to previously excluded groups but also create a lasting legacy and set a precedent for future events to follow.

The need to leverage the power of the destination is represented by a LEGO® model where the event participants are interacting with the local community and getting a feeling for what the host destination is all about.

Model representing the local destination

©MeetDenmark Photo:Daniel Rasmussen