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Photo: Chris Tonnesen

Nothing brings people together like food, and nothing encourages teamwork like cooking together. Copenhagen is bursting at the seams with culinary experiences where your group can enjoy making and eating great food together.  

Lunch at Aamann's
Columbus Leth


Aamanns arranges team building events such as their "Smørrebrød Workshops" for 10 people or up to hundreds. Aamanns' smørrebrød (open sandwiches) and dishes are tasty, made with love and honest craftsmanship from the best quality ingredients in season. This principle is what's most important to them.



BeerWalks are outdoor experiences with craft beer. It is guided city walks with stories and BeerTasting, at a pace and language that suits everyone, all outdoors, all year round! Look forward to a fun couple of hours with your own local personal BeerGuide. It is the perfect break during your Copenhagen visit - a great way to explore the city while hearing stories and tasting Danish craft beer.

Beertasting at BRUS
Daniel Rasmussen

Beer Tasting Tours

Nørrebro Brewery offers tours with beer tasting with one of the house’s beer enthusiasts. The tour lasts approximately an hour, where there will be tastings of four of their draught beer. The brewery arranges tours for a minimum of eight people. They offer tours in Danish and English.

Cocktails at the Bird & the Churchkey
Magnus Larsen Ravn

Cocktail Course

Cocktail Course is an exciting teambuilding activity for you and your colleagues. The cocktail course has a duration of two hours and includes 4four delicious cocktails for each guest. This teambuilding activity throws people out of their comfort zone and everyone gets together on learning something completely new.

Ⓒcykelkokken, foto: Daniel Rasmussen


Have you heard of the term “bicycle-food?” It is a brand new food-category that the bike-kitchen has invented! Enjoy extraordinary food experiences with up to five servings per group.

Food Market at Torvehallerne
Martin Heiberg

CPH Cooking Class

CPH Cooking Class is created out of love for everything that great food encapsulates, and what other ways to share the cosiness and best of The Nordic Kitchen and recipes with you –  than invite you into our kitchen. At CPH Cooking Class, we have great nostalgia for the traditional Danish kitchen that have been cooked and served throughout generations, but we also feel deeply inspired by our neighbours of the north, which builds foundation to our style of cooking.

Carlsberg Experience Center
Carlsberg Experience Center

Home of Carlsberg

Carlsberg is one of the most historic organisations in Denmark, and at Home of Carlsberg you have the opportunity to experience and learn how the brewery has developed into a world-wide brand today. Home of Carlsberg offers you teambuilding for both small and large groups with guided tours and historic walks or maybe a beer tasting to develop and challenge your taste buds.

Thomas Christensen

Kromans Cooking School

Kromans Cooking School offers cooking classes in Danish dinners and a special experience of the Danish food culture. Kromans Cooking School is designed as a modern Danish kitchen and gives a nice homely atmosphere. Besides teaching cooking they tell about the ‘evolution’ of Danish cuisine from smørrebrød to the New Nordic Cuisine. It is possible to make V.I.P. rates from two and up. Normal group size: 12-30 people. Website in Danish, contact info at the top.

Smørrebrød at Torvehallerne

Meyer's Madhus

With Gastronomic Teambuilding, Meyers Food House (Meyers Madhus) leads you to their universe of amazing produce, savour and great cooking trade. They have tailored a number of suggestions on how your collaboration can be lifted by a terrific dining experience. All the activities has talented teambuilding cooks and hosts, who will guide you to your goal.

Cooking Class with Timm Vladimir
Rasmus Flindt Pedersen

Teambuilding at Timm Vladimir's kitchen

Teambuilding, workshop, conference or theme events. Timm Vladimir’s Kitchen has the perfect setting for treating your staff to a pleasent evening, for nuturing key customers, party with colleagues or even presenting a new product. They tailor an event to suit your exact needs and requirements. Cooking, lectures, whiskey tasting – all types of events in gastronomy.

Copenhagen distillery
Copenhagen distillery

Tastings at Copenhagen distillery

Experience at close hand our unique process from malt to cask. Witness the whole process, from growing the grain to distilling the alcohol to pouring it in the barrel. You will have the opportunity to taste various unreleased whiskies or gin, both old and new.

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