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Large arenas & stadiums

Here you can find a selection of large arenas and stadiums suitable for all types of major events. Or don't hesitate to contact us for additional

alternatives at cvb@woco.dk 

Royal Arena Copenhagen
Royal Arena

Royal Arena is a modern multifunctional arena with capacity for up to 16,000 guests. Located just a few kilometres from both Copenhagen city centre and the international airport, Royal Arena is a unique cultural meeting place on a large scale and, with its thoughtful design, the arena will attract the best in sports, culture and entertainment. 

Ballerup Super Arena Copenhagen
Ballerup Super Arena

Would you like to host your next event in a unique Nordic setting with a high ceiling with wooden beams, plenty of space and where only your ideas set the limits? Ballerup Super Arena is known as the cycling arena in Denmark, but it is also a modern and attractive venue for events such as conferences and trade shows. Ballerup Super Arena is the perfect location for events with 300-9,200 participants.With its location in the middle of the Copenhagen Metropolitan Area the arena is well located. It is easy to get to and there is plenty of room for the guests of the event.

KB Hallen for sports & events
K.B Hallen

K.B. Hallen is a modern multi-functional venue with a high-performance and flexible framework and interior design as well as acoustic and technical capabilities that live up to every requirement needed to recapture its place as Copenhagen's leading concert and cultural arena. As a concert venue, K.B. Hallen has an audience capacity of 4,900 people and a flexible seating configuration for between 1,500 and 3,000 people. The hall accommodates an audience of 2,000 people for ATP Tennis and can be configured for, among other sports, handball, volleyball, and badminton.