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Teambuilding activities

Photo: Mikkel Schebye Johnsen

Get an overview on alternative teambuilding activities in Copenhagen. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you might have meetings@woco.dk. Perhaps you are looking for something completely different? Please contact one of our local DMC's to discover the many options

Admiral Hotel - Mystery game & Treasure hunt
Admiral Hotel can help cheer up the well-known world by mysterious riddles and clues. Participants will get to know themselves and the rest of the team much better through cheerful play. Be a part of an entertaining treasure hunt for adults on exciting historical locations in Copenhagen.
Cocktail Course
Cocktail course is an exciting teambuilding activity for you and your colleagues. The cocktail course has a duration of two hours and includes four delicious cocktails for each guest. This teambuilding activity throws people out of their comfort zone and everyone gets together on learning something completely new. Please contact them directly for more details.
Copenhagen Island Hotel
Entertaining games and competitions with exciting elements such as corruption, gambling, cooperation, ancient history etc.
Copenhagen This Way
Themed walking tours: Embark yourself on a photo safari, experience the winter wonderland at christmas, discover the hidden gems of Copenhagen & get close to the superstars within Danish science etc.
Criminal Dinner Games
Do you love a good thriller and a good mystery? Do you have the courage to challenge your colleagues in a forensic company game? In ASSISTANCE HOMICIDE you are detectives and must coorporate to solve a murder mystery. Divided into teams you will work with different aspects of the investigation and the case can only be solved when the teams collaborate. Other games are available too. Only online teambuilding sessions also available.
Escape Copenhagen
Can you escape before the time runs out? The door is locked and you only have one hour to escape … Only through puzzle-solving, creative- and logical thinking, and teamwork, is it possible to solve our Escape Rooms. Maybe you have to escape from The Psychotic Janitor’s creepy territory, or maybe you are on a mission to shut down Dr. Evil’s Plan about sending Fake News out in the world, and achieve world domination! Either way, we guarantee that you and your team will be challenged while having fun in our unique Escape Rooms, in the heart of Copenhagen!
Guided tours meet gamification
Take the stimulation of puzzles, the fun of games, and the thrill of treasure hunts. Mix it with the chilled atmosphere of a good social event, the learning potential of a team building and the excitement of exploring new areas of the city. This is the formula for our team building puzzle walks, that will let you discover the secret places of Copenhagen while competing in groups on solving puzzles.
Combine the meeting with activities in ZOO
Book an activity in the ZOO that fits the content of your meeting focusing on play learning and entertainment, such as: Learning more about your own and colleagues' boundaries as you get really close to the creepy crawly friends. Compete against each other while being divided into teams and compete all over the Garden.Lastly, get all the fun anecdotes about the ZOO and the animals by taking a guided tour of the ZOO.
Lakrids by Bülow
You won’t believe how many liquorice nerds there are in Lakrids by Bülows liquorice factory, and they’re all passionate about showing off their skills to the world. If you fancy a private liquorice tour, a unique dining experience or a different teambuilding activity, they will be happy to help find the perfect event solution for you. Tours are offered in both Danish and English.
Mystery teambuilding
Mystery Hunt - The King's Secret is a entertaining and brain teasing treasure hunt i King's Garden. Participants are divided into groups that follow secret clues, hidden messages and mind bending riddles. Challenges that speak to the heart as well as the mind must be solved before the mystery can be completed.
National Aquarium of Denmark
Guided tours for groups. Take an exclusive group tour of Northern Europe's largest and most spectacular aquarium. Now you can go behind the scenes for a uniquely unpredictable and exciting backstage tour. Choose between four different group tours of the most remote corners of the aquarium.
Painting Workshops at Royal Copenhagen
Try your hand at the intricate art of hand painting. Royal Copenhagen regularly hold painting workshops in their Flagship Store in Copenhagen. It is possible to arrange your own private painting school in their Amagertorv store, i.e. for birthdays, teambuilding or tourist groups.