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Kayal bar Copenhagen

Download copy about Copenhagen

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Associations planning a congress in Copenhagen are welcome to download the below copy and make use of it on their own website, SoMe channels or in other promotional material. 

Sankt Annæ 8
Martin Heiberg

Short destination texts

Short texts about everything from Copenhagen's bike culture and strong focus on sustainability to the city's food scene and its royal history.

Copenhagen in autumn
Daniel Rasmussen

Copenhagen in autumn

A short text about autumn in Copenhagen and what to do and where to go.

Copenhagen waterfront in the summer
Daniel Rasmussen

Copenhagen in summer

A short text about summer in Copenhagen and what to do and where to go.

Ⓒcykelkokken, foto: Daniel Rasmussen

Copenhagen's food scene

A short text about Copenhagen's famous food scene and where to go.

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