Ideas to inspire travel to Copenhagen

Get to know Copenhagen's attractions, reasons to visit, and more. 

Martin Heiberg

Reasons to visit Copenhagen

Here are a few angles you can use to target different segments, such as royal enthusiasts, the artsy, the foodie, and family. 

Jonas Smith

Guide to four seasons

Attract travellers to visit in shoulder and off-peak seasons. Copenhagen is blessed with four distinct seasons, each with their own special flavour.  

Botanical Garden in Copenhagen
Daniel Rasmussen

48-hour itinerary

A taste of what travellers can experience in 48 hours in Copenhagen. 

Martin Heiberg

Most instagrammable spots in Copenhagen

Historic charm and modern architecture rub shoulders in the city. The narrow, cobbled streets and picturesque canals are evergreens. But don't miss the new spots that offer you great photo opts. 

Martin Heiberga

Top attractions

Some sights and attractions are almost synonymous with Copenhagen. We've gathered them here.