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GoBoat launches new ‘GoBoat Cruise’ concept in Copenhagen celebrating 10 years on the water

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GoBoat, the leading provider of maritime experiences, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with the launch of a new concept, ‘GoBoat Cruise’, offering luxurious captain-led boat tours in Copenhagen.

Since its inception at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen Harbor, GoBoat has been dedicated to creating memorable experiences on the water for locals and tourists alike. With over 130,000 guests in 2023, the well-known blue picnic boats have enabled Copenhageners and tourists to explore the harbour as their own captains.

The new GoBoat Cruise concept introduces larger, Danish-designed luxury boats from Rand Boats still powered by green energy, providing a premium sailing experience with a captain. These boat tours are ideal for groups looking to enjoy the city from the water without the need to navigate themselves.

GoBoat is starting with three Cruise boats that can accommodate up to nine passengers in addition to the captain. Guests can choose to be picked up and dropped off at seven different locations in the harbour, making it easy to plan the perfect day on the water.

In addition to the new Cruise concept, GoBoat continues to offer the popular picnic boats that have been a staple of Copenhagen’s summer life for the past decade. The company has also demonstrated its community spirit by donating boat trips worth a quarter of a million kroner to disadvantaged families and environmental initiatives this spring.

With a vision to make the water more accessible and spread the maritime lifestyle, GoBoat has expanded internationally and is now present in cities such as Aarhus, Odense, London, Sydney, Berlin, Stockholm, and soon Venice.

Facts about GoBoat

  • GoBoat started in 2014 in Islands Brygge in Copenhagen with 8 boats
  • In 2023, the blue boats were used by 100.000 Danes and 30.000 tourists
  • GoBoat has 19 locations worldwide
  • GoBoat also operates in England, Germany, Australia, and Sweden
  • All of the GoBoats are powered by electricity
  • The GoBoat Cruise can fit up 9 persons
  • On a global scale, GoBoat maintains more than 220 rental boats, 60 of them being in Denmark.
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Press pictures of GoBoat

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen
Giuseppe Liverino

Senior Manager - Press & PR