The Harbour

Copenhagen harbour shooting locations and story ideas

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Experience first-hand how a focus on sustainability turned Copenhagen into a recreational, cultural part of the city. 

Martin Heiberg

Bicycle Bridges

Copenhagen’s bicycle bridges across the canals.
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Copenhagen’s iconic bike bridges provide a perfect photo or video reportage opportunity for those interested in Danish lifestyle, architecture and design. If you would like to capture images of the busiest cycling hours, 7:30-8:30 and 15:00-16:30 are the ideal times to experience the Copenhageners commuting to and from school and work.



Solar-powered boats made from recycled plastic bottles.
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Discover Copenhagen from the water as captain of your own solar-powered picnic boat in Copenhagen's harbour and canals. You can rent a boat at the GoBoat pavilion next to Islands Brygge harbour bath and embark on a unique maritime experience. The boats are powered by solar energy, which is generated via the boat rental's photovoltaic roof at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen. The boats are partly made from empty recycled plastic bottles, and solar panels on the roof of the GoBoat pavilion provide power for up to 20 electric-powered boats. The next generation of GoBoats will be made from 100% recycled fibre materials from Vestas wind turbines - as soon as the technology is fully developed. 

Green Kayak
Daniel Rasmussen


Get a free kayak trip in return for collecting trash.
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 is a Copenhagen-based environmental NGO that engages volunteers in the fight against environmental pollution while kayaking. This UNESCO Green citizen project invites everyone to jump aboard a kayak and paddle for free under the simple conditions of collecting trash from Copenhagen’s canals. Alone in two seasons, volunteers from all over the world collected 10 tons of trash from the sea. 


Harvesting seafood in Copenhagen harbour.

Havhøst is a Danish association dedicated to maritime cultivation. Through events and activities, the organization encourages the use of marine areas in cities and suburbs to allow people of all ages to try their hand at local and sustainable food production. With a starting point in education and outreach, the organization is working to share knowledge and strengthen a network of communities across Denmark brought together to invigorate our oceans as we grow food. The port of Copenhagen is among the cleanest in the world, allowing, among other things, the cultivation of edible mussels and oysters. 

Copenhagen Harbour
Astrid Maria Rasmussen

The Harbour Baths

Public swimming areas in Copenhagen Harbour. 
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In Copenhagen, you are never far from a swimming area, both during summer and wintertime. During summer you can also go for a swim in the many centrally located harbour baths. While Amager Beach Park offers 4.6 kilometres of white sand beach, Islands Brygge Harbour Bath has five basins. 

Ny - Bike city - photo credits VisitCopenhagen

The Harbour Circle

A cycling and walking path around Copenhagen harbour.
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The route snakes its way through the neighbourhoods of Islands Brygge, Amager, Sydhavnen, Vesterbro, the Inner City, Holmen, and Christianshavn, so it is guaranteed to leave you with insights into how diverse Copenhagen's harbour really is. The path mixes city life and raw nature in the best way. You will pass by historical attractions and upcoming areas being developed at the speed of lightning. You will see unspoilt green areas, houseboats, swim zones, architectural gems and much more. If 13 kilometres sounds like too big of a commitment, the route is designed so you can do shorter chunks of the route of 2, 4 or 7 kilometres. See the route and some of the attractions along the way on this map. 

Copenhagen harbour - Press photos

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