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How to become a Copenhagen Card sales agent

Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen

Dear Travel Professional. Thank you for your interest in becoming a Copenhagen Card sales agent.

To offer your clients a Copenhagen Card when they book a tour to Copenhagen is not only beneficial for them, but will also be profitable for you and add to your provided service and package deals.

As a Copenhagen Card sales agent, you will get a 10% commission on all the different card types if you sell a minimum of 200 cards annually. 

The card is available for adults (16+) and children (10-15 years). Two children (0-9 years) are included in an adult card. The duration of the cards is either 24, 48, 72 or 120 hours.

Benefits for your client:

  • Free entry to 87 museums and attractions
  • Free  public transportation by bus, train and Metro in the Greater Copenhagen Area
  • Discount on restaurants, sights, shopping and car hire
  • Two children (0-9 years) included in an adult card

How to become a Copenhagen Card sales agent:

We kindly ask you to apply for a partnership at and tell us a bit about the activity you provide and the expected number of sold cards per year. With a partnership, you get a 10% discount on your purchased orders.

Use the link and enter the discount code and the number of cards for the voucher. Pay directly with a credit card and forward the voucher by email to your clients or print out the voucher and send it to them after the payment is completed.

Your clients can also get a digital card directly on their mobile. Please read more about the digital card here: 

Prices from 1 April 2019 till 31 March 2020:

Adult (16+ incl. two children from 0-9 years):

24 hours: 399 DKK / 54 EUR
48 hours: 599 DKK / 80 EUR
72 hours: 739 DKK / 99 EUR
120 hours: 989 DKK / 133 EUR

Child (10-15 years):

24 hours: 199 DKK / 26 EUR
48 hours: 299 DKK / 40 EUR
72 hours: 369 DKK / 49 EUR
120 hours: 499 DKK / 67 EUR 


If you have any questions regarding the Copenhagen Card please send an email to and we will revert as soon as possible (office hours are 9 AM to 4 PM on weekdays).

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