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Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

If you’re interested in hosting your next car or product launch in Copenhagen, all the information you need is right here, from recommended routes to hotels and venues.

Thanks to our great location and variety of event spaces, car manufacturers and product houses regularly use Copenhagen as a location to showcase their new lines. 

Here are a few ideas to help build a car or product launch event of your own.

Skovshoved Havn

Photo:Jakob Lisbygd

Test drives

Three of our most beautiful driving routes, for wind-in-your-hair, scenic driving and a taste of the city.

1. An easy drive from the airport
Take the chance to drive from the airport to the city centre via a wide street lined by classical houses and local neighbourhoods. From Copenhagen Airport, take the route “Amager Landevej” followed by “Amagerbrogade” for around 10 km, or take the route “Amagerstrandvej” and drive along the coast into the city. Both routes are 10 km.

2. The Coast Road: Strandvejen
Strandvejen is a 38-km long road that begins in Copenhagen and runs along the east coast of Zealand to Elsinore. Strandvejen is a wonderful experience all throughout the year, with the sea always on your right.

3. The Two-Country Highway
The Øresund Bridge is a 16-km direct link between Denmark and Sweden, accessible for cars with a toll at one end. The Øresund Bridge is also where the first season of TV series, The Bridge begins, with a body found in the middle of it.

Practical information

Where to stay and where to host your launch? Take a look at our MeetingPlanner guide for all the details.

Contact us

We’re here to help, whatever stage of planning you’re at, and it doesn’t cost an øre (that’s Danish for penny). Email us at or look for the right person on our contacts page.





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