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Ranking: Copenhagen is the most punctual meetings destination

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The result of an independent report just identified Copenhagen as the top performing meetings and convention city in the world for flight punctuality, underlining the city’s reputation for delivering Scandinavian efficiency – right on time.


Monday, January 18, 2016

Among the world’s meetings destinations, Copenhagen is the most punctual according to the Air Travel Intelligence Company OAG´s report, Punctuality League 2015, which monitors the performance of airlines and airports. In the same report, Copenhagen Airport also topped the punctuality list of the 20 best medium airports in the world. That pushed Copenhagen to the top of OAG’s ‘Top Global Meetings and Convention Cities’ category, ahead of Berlin and Vienna, who came in 2nd and 3rd on the listings.

Easy to get around 
When time is money, Copenhagen is the obvious choice. Navigating in Copenhagen is easy from the very beginning of your trip. Once you arrive in Copenhagen Airport, the city centre is easily reached by metro or train in only 13 minutes – and costs just €5. So forget about hours spent in a bus to and from the airport, to the hotel, to the convention center, or to the restaurant, since the majority of hotels and venues in Copenhagen are within a walking distance.

Moreover, the consulting company Mercer, ranks the Danish traffic infrastructure the fourth best in the world, and to underline its eco-friendly profile, Copenhagen has am expansive biking culture. Another significant culture that is present in Copenhagen is the walking culture, and Walk 21 voted Copenhagen ‘World’s Most Walkable City” in 2013. The City of Copenhagen has an overall ambition to make the city even more pedestrian-friendly, and because of their efforts, they just reached their goal with 20% more pedestrians in 2015, compared to 2010.

Among the world’s most popular convention cities
Copenhagen is not only on the top of the list when it comes to punctuality, but the city has also been in the top 20 on both the International Congress & Convention Association  (ICCA’s) and on the Union of International Association  (UIA) lists of the world's most popular convention cities for decades. According to the latest published report from ICCA, Copenhagen is the world's 13th most popular destination for international congresses.

In recent years, Copenhagen’s range of hotels and meetings venues has grown exponentially, and today, the city offers more than 21.000 hotel rooms. Moreover, several new conference facilities are currently under construction, including the Royal Multi Arena, which will be ready for events in early 2016.

When it comes to dealing with the locals – either negotiating a contract, or having a meeting out in the city, there is a good chance that communication is smoother in Copenhagen than in most other destinations, since the Danes are highly skilled in foreign languages. Studies show that 86% of the Danish workforce speak English, but it is also quite common for Danes to speak German (47 %), French, Spanish and other languages as well.

In addition to housing people with good language skills, Copenhagen is located in a major knowledge-hub area with 10 universities, 165.000 students and 16.000 scientists and researchers.

Due to free schooling and universities, Danes are among the world’s most educated people. The tradition for education also has a positive impact on the meeting industry, which along with punctual flights, makes Copenhagen the perfect meetings destination.