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Denmark’s biotech sector no. 2 in the world

Denmark's biotech sector takes the second position in the Scientific American Worldview 2015 Scorecard, owing to skilled R&D personnel, available capital, patent strength and a very business-friendly environment.

Monday, March 21, 2016

A healthy biotech sector is dependent on many factors, from a workforce skilled in both bench science and business to support systems including everything from the availability of capital to great infrastructure.

Denmark has it all and more, ranking number two in the Scientific American Worldview 2015 Scorecard.

Skilled R&D personnel and IP protection
The scorecard ranked the performance of 54 countries in each of the seven categories—Productivity, IP Protection, Enterprise Support, Intensity, Education/Workforce, Foundations and Policy & Stability.

Denmark ranks well across the board, excelling in particular in the sub-categories:
•Business-friendly environment
•Capital available
•Entrepreneurship & Opportunity
•Infrastructure Quality
•Policy & Stability
•Perceived IP protection
•Patent strength
•Biotech patents
•R&D personnel pr. 1,000 employment
•Public company revenues

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