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Copenhagen ranked one of Europe’s most dynamic cities

Photo: Morten Jerichau

According to the newly published City Momentum Index, Copenhagen is the fourth most dynamic city in Europe ahead of the other Scandinavian capitals, Stockholm and Oslo.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Copenhagen, known and acknowledged as a clean, safe and sustainable city, is consistently ranked in the top of city and climate indexes.

Once again, an index has ranked Copenhagen in the top – the City Momentum Index (CMI) ranks Copenhagen as the forth out of 12 most dynamic European cities.

The index is published annually and focuses on the cities’ ability to gain long-term momentum and adjust during fast-paced socio-economic changes.

Copenhagen is highlighted due to its strong environmental agenda and its plans to be the world’s first carbon neutral capital city by 2025 through retrofitting, more wind turbines and changing transport habits.

Copenhagen and Scandinavian capitals among world’s most open and liquid markets
Copenhagen (4th) is ranked before the two other Scandinavian capitals – Stockholm (5th) and Oslo (8th) – in the European Top12.

Together with strong high-tech sectors, all three Scandinavian capitals score highly on liveability measures. Dynamic, sustainable and scalable, they are attracting high levels of migration and investment.

About the City Momentum Index (CMI)
The City Momentum Index (CMI) is published by JLL, a professional services and investment management firm offering specialised real estate services to clients seeking increased value by owning, occupying and investing in real estate.

The CMI tracks the top 12 European cities that are the most dynamic and capable of adjusting to socio-economic changes and that demonstrate many of the fundamentals necessary for longer-term momentum – qualities such as dynamic city governance, global connectivity, excellent universities, business-friendliness and high-value industry clusters.

Read more about the index and see the full list of the top 12 European cities here.