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Social activities

Elsinore boasts an abundance of outdoor creative teambuilding activities. What about trapshooting? Or walk in the footsteps af sailor? Experience Hamlet live? Compete in af GPS race? There's something for everybody. Whether you are in to action, entertainment or crafts.

Social activities are proven to have valuable benefits for the outcome of any event. It can increase motiviation. Improve productivity. Increase collaboration. Encourage creativity and improve communication. Team work evolving around different activities has benefits both individually and for the entire team. However, just as important, its fun!

Maritime museum in Elsinore Copenhagen
In the sailor’s footsteps

Come on a journey through 400 years of rich maritime history. Meet the sailor, the sailor’s wife, the harbour’s colourful characters, the mechanic, the inventor, the navigator, the merchant, the consumer, those who drowned at sea, those who fought at sea and many more.

mountainbike forests of elsinore teambuilding activity

Go on a trip in Elsinore's undulating terrain, through woodland and along the beach. The beautiful surroundings invite beginners as well as more experienced to go cycling. Level of complexity, route, duration and obstacles will be tailored to match the event.

til-tops havreholm helsingør teambuilding
Tree-climbing and Disc Golf

Haveholm outdoor activity park is a great option for a group outing – no particular sportiness or fitness required. Challenge yourself and the team, overcome mental barriers, and spend a fun time outside in beautiful surroundings. A unique option for a group teambuilding activity.

Hamlet kronborg castle elsinore
Hamlet Live

Step into Hamlet's world at his own castle Kronborg in Elsinore. William Shakespeare chose to place Hamlet at Kronborg in Elsinore, when he wrote his world-renowned drama. Guests will meet the famous characters from the play as they move around the chambers and rooms. No matter where the guests find themselves at the castle, they find themselves in the world of Hamlet, a world of drama, lust, murder by poison and sword fights.

comwell borupgaard snekkersten restaurant dinner venue Elsinore
Crazy Chef's

A fun culinary activity. One of the things that tie people together, is the elementary joy of a good meal and a great glass of wine. Together with professional chefs, the team will prepare a delicious gourmet dinner from start to finish. Can with great succes be combined with a winetasting. Bon appetit!

rib boats activity elsinore copenhagen
Rib boats

Why not kick off  your meeting or event with adrenalin, speed and enjoy the adventures the sea has to offer. The Elsinore harbour is a perfect pick up spot, and for both small or larger gatherings, hop aboard and you are guranteed memorable experiences that brings wind in the hair and smiles on the faces. Explore, race, relax.

GPS race Marienlyst Seafront Hotel teambuilding activity elsinore copenhagen
GPS Race

A tailored GPS Race where questions and tasks are adjusted to each event. A perfect way of getting around the beautiful surroundings whether it is on foot or running, bicycling, MTB, etc. Questions and tasks you meet on your way can be adjusted according to the individual events and thereby supplement for instance a conference with questions and answers from the contents of the conference.

marienlyst seafront hotel casino elsinore copenhagen
Casino Seminar

Funny and instructive seminar with test games before opening hours, where you learn how to play Roulette and Black Jack. After the seminar, you are ready to play with real bets and winnings during the casino’s opening hours. May the best man or woman win!

Konventum teambuilding activity in Elsinore Copenhagen
Treasure Hunt SPOT ON

Playful and competitive activity to boost creativity and team dynamics. Enjoy the fresh air with the active and energetic treasure hunt around Elsinore. In teams and with tablets - this quest is about finding all the SPOTS, solving customized tactical or logical tasks in teamwork. The green parks, the beach and the city is your playing ground. 

M/S museet for søfart architecture
Explore award-winning architecture

“One of 10 museums to travel to for their stunning structures,” says National Geographic of the M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark. On this guided tour you get a unique insight into the award-winning architecture of the museum. The tour takes you through the history of the spectacular museum building and behind the process of creating Denmark’s new maritime museum below ground in a dry dock.

bonfire at the beach marienlyst seafront hotel elsinore copenhagen
Bonfire at the beach

Find your inner scout and have a good time together with your colleagues on the beach with the Sound as a beautiful background and panoramic view to Kronborg Castle. We will light a bonfire and you will make twist bread, grill sausages and marshmallows. The best way of ending a meeting day.

marienlyst seafront hotel cocktail course teambuiling elsinore copenhagen
Cocktail Course

By means of a professional cocktail team, we give you the opportunity to learn more about cocktails and to live out the dream of shaking cocktails just like Tom Cruise. Learn how to shake your own cocktail or try a blind tasting quiz.

Golf teambuilding elsinore Konventum Copenhagen

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