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How to get to Elsinore

1 hour - that's all it takes for this cultural and historic city of Elsinore to be at your feet, ready for adventures. From Copenhagen International Airport, you can be en route via the highway or take the scenic coastal rail and arrive right in the city centre. 


There are several ways to reach Elsinore from Copenhagen Airport. An easy and beautiful one is the regional express train, known locally as 'Kystbanen' (coastal rail). The train is departing every 20 minutes and travel time is 1 hour.  

Once arrived, the monumental Helsingør station is located on the seafront and is only a few minutes walk along the old harbor promenade from Kronborg castle.

Car or bus

The E47 highway is connecting Copenhagen Airport and Elsinore - so transfering is both fast and convenient. If traveling outside rushhour, travel time is 45 minutes. Elsinore is easy to reach and to navigate once you have arrived as everything is within walking distance. Take a turn off the higway, and enjoy the more scenic route following the coastline (Strandvejen) but expect traveling time of 1,5 hour. 

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