Inderhavnsbroen Operaen

Access & Infrastructure

Photo: Kim Wyon

It only takes 12 minutes to go from Copenhagen Airport to the city centre. The airport itself is well-connected, safe and easy to navigate. When arriving in Copenhagen you will see for yourself why it has been rated one of the best airports in the world.

Travel to and around Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, everything is closer. A small city with a big city feel, it is easy to get around in Copenhagen. Whether you choose to use the efficient and well-connected public transport system or decide to walk or ride a bike, getting from A to B is quick and easy.

Easy and efficient transportation

With non-stop flights from more than 190 international destinations, Copenhagen Airport is easy to access from every continent and all major European cities are within a one to two hour flight.

Getting around in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is easily accesible. Choose from Copenhagen’s extensive public transportation options that easily link the whole city to venues, hotels and the airport

Transportation providers

Reliability, precision and comfort are some of the characteristics of our partners offering transportation services of various kinds. From coaches and airlines to taxis and limousine services.

Travel Pass

Organizers of large events can offer their delegates easy and inexpensive public transportation with a Travel Pass

From airport to city center!

Click and see the transportation options from Copenhagen airport to the city center or go to Journeyplanner  and see the options for your route

An introduction to public transportation in Copenhagen