ICT in Greater Copenhagen

Photo: Jacob Schjørring & Simon Lau

Greater Copenhagen has several large research potentials within areas of information communication technologies (ICT). Being a frontrunner of digitalization creates unique opportunities and Greater Copenhagen is home to one of Europe's largest ICT clusters with more than 12,000 companies

In 2020 Denmark is on the 3rd place on the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI)

To attract congresses within ICT we collaborate across sectors and open doors to specific industry associations, academia, clusters and organisations, public authorities and institutions. Strong ICT knowledge hubs in Greater Copenhagen include in particular:

Big Data

Greater Copenhagen has special strength in big data sciences which includes methods from data science, social sciences and humanities to identify patterns in structured and unstructured data. Read more about big data strongholds at Copenhagen Capacity's website, who support foreign companies, investors and talent in setting up and doing business in Copenhagen.


Greater Copenhagen is home to one of the first research centers in the world in blockchain technologies. With the mission of being the globally leading institution that understands, creates, and realizes Blockchain-based solutions European Blockchain Center has put Copenhagen on the world map as a knowledge hub in blockchain technologies.


Denmark is one the most digital economies in the world with Greater Copenhagen as the center of the Nordic fintech development with its high concentration of corporate headquarters, financial services companies and innovative start-ups. Read more at FinTech Copenhagen, who's vision is to develop Copenhagen as one of the leading FinTech Hubs in the global financial services.

Smart cities and IoT

Smart cities are digital and involving cities that combine the physical and social with the digital space by adding a digital layer to the city infrastructure. Read more about Copenhagen as a smart city at Copenhagen Solutions Lab, who work with intelligent technologies to create data-driven solutions that suit the city and its citizens.