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A Collaborative Journey in Congress Excellence

Why focus on the Customer Journey?

With a focus on a congress delegate and an international association we take you on a journey that will hopefully inspire you to get more involved in the customer journey and learn how to tap into the different touch points.

You know it yourself: It is not just the fantastic hotel, the sublime dining experience or the inspiring conference that creates the good experience. It is all the touch points put together. So how can we collectively contribute to our customers having the best possible experience, from the time they arrive in Copenhagen to the time they return home?

"It is important to analyse the customer journey for all involved parties to properly understand how all elements are connected. This provides a solid framework for optimal collaboration and success."

Per Ankær, MCI Copenhagen

It requires that we all familiarize ourselves with the full journey, and understand how the individual experiences fit together into a whole, so that we can complement each other as best as possible in the transition from one experience to the next.

Understanding this customer journey also allows for conference and event organizers to optimize each step for the delegates ensuring a seamless and positive experience.

This experience should hopefully reflect that Copenhagen is a collaborative destination that has the customers top of mind and always wants to deliver high quality customer service.


"At Scandic, we acknowledge the importance of focusing on and engaging in the customer journey, as this constitutes the guest’s overall experience when the journey ends."

Nicolás Peluffo, Scandic Copenhagen

A collaborative Copenhagen

We have taken you through different steps and touch points of the customer journey as we see it. A customer journey which has always existed and which we all are a part of.

We have taken you on a journey that shows how we can put Copenhagen in a favorable position as a conference destination and how the bidding process is. Furthermore we have looked into the arrival and actual execution of the conference, and lastly we have been looking at how to measure success and create compelling stories that can showcase Copenhagen both as a collaborative and fantastic congress destination.

Customer journeys can take different directions or look different depending on the company but in the end we all want the same, happy customers and clients that still experience the close collaboration that Copenhagen is known for.

With this more present version of the customer journey we hope that you as a hotel, venue, PCO or other tourist organization have been inspired to get even more involved in the customer journey and see where to tap into the different touch points from our view.

Hopefully you have also been given more inspiration on how to dive deeper into where you can excel with your customers and clients.


"Customer loyalty is our key to success, and with insight into the customer journey, we can better identify potential guests and build strong customer relationships."

Kristina Nyvang og Gabriella Kingelin, Guldsmeden



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