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Christiansborg Palace


The magnificent halls and rooms at Christiansborg Palace are used by the Royal Family to carry out their official duties. Explore the history of the impressive halls, the decor and the art works. Study the tapestries, which depict over a thousand years of Danish history. Find out what happens when the Queen holds gala dinners, New Year banquets and holds audiences at Christiansborg Palace. It is a working palace where old traditions and the modern Royal Family meet.

Accessibility at Christiansborg Palace:

Disabled parking space is available at the Bertel Thorvaldsen Plads (by the entrance to the Thorvaldsen Museum). If you are a wheelchair user, please inform the Palace Administration before the visit, as you need assistance to use the elevator at the Royal Reception Rooms. Also, you can borrow a wheelchair for free by contacting the ticket office.

At the Royal Receptions Rooms, a lift gives access to the first floor and there is a wheelchair accessible restroom in the Royal Reception Rooms on the first floor located by The Queen Stair.
At the Ruins, a platform lift is available for wheelchair users. A wheelchair accessible restroom is located by the ticket office and entrance.
At the Royal Stables, there is a wheelchair accessible entrance. There is no wheelchair accessible restroom in the Royal Stables.
At the Palace Chapel, there is a wheelchair entrance to the church’s floor plan via a platform lift. There is no wheelchair restroom in the Palace Chapel.