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Start planning your sustainable event

Contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals, minimising your footprint and creating a positive and lasting impact, can seem like a daunting task. We have created this guide to help you reflect, to rethink and to set your climate ambition level. Read more about why we made this guide.

We all leave a footprint. Let’s not be ashamed. But let’s make sure we reduce that footprint through a sustainable mindset that has a positive impact on people.

This guide is divided into 6 planning areas and will help you set your sustainability ambitions for your next event. You can go through the planning areas one by one or focus on the ones that are relevant to your event. In each section you will be introduced to three different levels of commitment, which can give you inspiration for your event, regardless of whether you are new to planning sustainably, experienced or an expert.  

Consider this a starting point. This is a guide, and not a final checklist. The guide will help you create your own list of actions and let you explore the ways in which to create an ambitiously sustainable event. 

If you are looking for help to set strategic sustainability ambitions for your organisation as a whole, start with this  toolbox and step-by-step guide for setting international sustainability goals.

Good luck! 

6 Planning areas:

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Travel & Transportation


Venues & Accommodation

Legacy Lab

Materials & Communication

The Italian Restaurant

Food & Beverages

Event Copenhagen Pride

Socially Responsible Partnerships


Lasting impact

We are on a joint mission, and while every event and city have their opportunities and challenges, we are certain that the experiences of delivering a sustainable event you gain in Copenhagen, can be valuable. The aim is to inspire event organisers, participants and cities in designing future practise for events as potential drivers of positive impact. This can happen in Copenhagen as being the perfect backdrop city for hosting sustainable events. But ultimately, it is together that we build upon each other’s learnings in creating the next generation of sustainable events. That goes beyond more than just a sustainable checklist as the goal is to create an event that drives lasting sustainable development.

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Annette Blegvad
Case: Roskilde Festival
Roskilde Festival
Case: C40 World Mayors Summit
SDGs for your event

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