Zaki's Hånd

Getting started

Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen

Give all participants 10 minutes on their own to set ambition level (between 0-100%) on all five dimensions in the scorecard. 

Step 1
(Set ambition) As a start ask all participants in the meeting to note the score on each dimension on a posted note. Collect all the posted notes

Step 2:
(Motivate ambitions) Ask the participant in turn to motivate their score on the first dimension. In case of big differences in score leave room for discussion and consensus to form. Agree on where to set the shared score.

Step 3:
(Motivate ambitions II) Repeat step 3 for each of the other four dimensions and land a shared score for each.

Step 4:
(Agree on ambition) Finalise the scorecard and look at the scores on all dimensions. Be ambitious but realistic. In case of high/maximum score on all dimensions - challenges yourself. Are all dimensions equally important or are adjustments needed to be realistic? Adjust the final scorecard and agree on whether you are Very Ambitious (75-100%), Ambitious (50-75%) or Less ambitious 0-50%).  

Step 5:
(Agree on the needed action) Visit the below pages to see the needed/recommended action based on your scores on the different dimensions.

Step 6:
(Who is responsible?/Integrating ambition): Decide who is responsible for securing the needed action on each dimension and discuss how you makes it part of your planning and processes in planning and executing the event.

Step 7:
(Evaluate): Evaluate how how you did on all dimensions. Repeat step 1-3. More important than reaching consensus  is the individual learnings. 

Step 8:
Note down essential feedback/learning. What should we continue to do? What should we do more of? What should we seize doing?  (group post-its in before, during, after the event and document it visually for future events.

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