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Copenhagen - safe to visit

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Denmark has been praised for its quick response to address the Covid-19 outbreak. From its timely lockdown to its safe and gradual reopening, the country has implemented a range of measures to ensure that Denmark and Copenhagen continue to be a safe place for locals and visitors alike.

Safety measures in Copenhagen

  • Visitors can expect larger spaces for their meetings and events, increased cleaning before during and after their event, focus on frequent ventilation, plated meals instead of open buffets, more use of outdoor spaces and a continuous focus on identification and elimination of “frequent risk touchpoints” and many more.
  • At Copenhagen Airport, travellers are required to carry face masks at all times. Steps to minimise physical interactions are in place and include upstaffing, increased speaker calls, queue management, and disinfection sprays throughout the airport. Find more information here.
  • The current social distancing rule in Copenhagen is 1-metre.
  • Face masks are now mandatory in Denmark, at restaurants, bars, café's when not seated. Furthermore, it is mandatory at airports, bus stops areas and the train stations and this also applies for the public transportation i.e. busses, metro, train, airplanes and taxis.
  • The authorities advise people to minimise the use of public transport and where possible to travel outside of rush hour. Posters with official guidelines are visible on platforms, in trains/busses/metros, etc. Find more information here.
  • In supermarkets, shops and other public places specific queuing regulations are in places to ensure safe distance between customers and hand disinfection and/or disposable gloves are provided. Directional one-way markings for pedestrians have been put up in busy public spaces.
  • The police keep a close eye on parks and other public spaces likely to attract crowds/many people to ensure safety guidelines are followed.
  • There is a temporary Covid-19 test facility set up in Copenhagen, providing tests for anyone showing any symptoms. Test results are available within 24-48 hours.
  • In case of any questions or concerns while in Copenhagen please call the Covid-19 hotline +45 7020 0233
  • The Danish Health Authority has issued guidelines in nine languages to be downloaded and placed visibly in all public and private institutions and spaces.
  • Copenhagen Convention Bureau have gathered all relevant info and the latest news on Covid-19. Find it here


Safe to visit

The Danish hotel, restaurant and tourism association, HORESTA, has developed safety guides for its members (“SAFE TO VISIT”) with focus on space management and hyper hygiene to secure a safe and good experience for all guests.

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Covid-19 in Denmark in brief

11th March: Denmark announced its lockdown as one of the first countries in Europe.

15th April: Just one month later, a controlled and gradual re-opening of the Danish society began. Elementary/primary school pupils  returned to school,  workers began to return to the office and shortly after retail, restaurants & cafés, museums and  tourist attractions reopened as well.

June 2020, Denmark ceased its lockdown, but follows the guidelines by the Danish Health Authorities and continues to have some travel restrictions and event restrictions in place.

Current event restrictions:

  • From 8th September: General gatherings up to 50 persons have been allowed. The following point is an exception
  • From 8th June, conferences and meetings of up to 500 persons have been allowed as long as participants are mainly seated throughout the event (please ask Copenhagen CVB for more information). Large gatherings, such as festivals and other big events, remain banned.

The number one priority for Copenhagen CVB and our partners is to ensure that visitors and delegates can meet in safe surroundings in Copenhagen and be assured that their events be handled with the highest safety standards in accordance with the guidelines and requirements of the Danish Health Authorities. This applies across hotels and venues to restaurants and on public and private transportation.

For the latest information from the Danish authorities
and useful phone numbers please see here