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CopCap Support Letter to Copenhagen Legacy Lab

Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen

Read the full letter in support to Copenhagen Legacy Lab written by Claus Lønborg, Managing director, CEO, Copenhagen Capacity 


Each year, approx. 100 international knowledge and business congresses in Copenhagen, which generate tourism revenue of around DKK 1 billion. As it seems today, there is no systematic approach designed to ensure maximum knowledge and business economic value, through a broad  link between Congress, the host city and the development of relevant engagements for the knowledge environments,  businesses and citizens in the phases before, during and after the congress. In other words, golden opportunity to create local and national value, as Copenhagen is wasting a golden opportunity to create local and national value, as well as visibility about Danish strengths, partnership opportunities and business inputs.

Copenhagen Capacity today coordinates closely with Wonderful Copenhagen regarding the very attraction of conferences in selected areas such as smart cities, cleantech, healthtech, lifescience and talent attraction - in addition, Copenhagen Capacity is a partner in Wonderful Copenhagen's Life Science Alliance and the Green Conference Alliance which has aims, through strategic cooperation rooted in a strong national coalition of actors, to win priority congresses in these areas to the metropolitan area. The establishment of Copenhagen Legacy Lab in Wonderful Copenhagen will create the opportunity to coordinate and strengthen new collaboration and networking areas with international researchers and companies, new customer relationships, attracting foreign talents, direct access to cutting-edge knowledge from participating experts - and a result increased knowledge level in Danish companies and research environments. Overall, this will result in a strengthened basis for innovation, increased access to participation in international projects, branding and marking of Denmark's strengths.

Copenhagen Capacity therefore supports Wonderful Copenhagen's application for funds for the project 'Copenhagen Legacy Lab' and will be able to contribute knowledge and sparring, be part of relevant congressional impact committees and support with potential activities such as campaigns aimed at attracting foreign companies and talents, marketing Greater Copenhagen in a business perspective and initiatives that promote the use of health data in Denmark.

With best regards

Claus Lønborg
Managing director, CEO