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About Legacy Lab

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Copenhagen Legacy Lab aspire to inspire international associations to adopt a legacy-focused approach to their business events - ensuring their events have a meaningful and long-term impact in the host communities, for the benefit of both local business, research communities and citizens.

We work systematically and proactively to explore and identify activities that integrate international congresses with the local public, business and science communities in ways that generate long-term sustainable impacts both nationally and internationally.

Copenhagen Legacy Lab is an integrated part of the palette of services offered by Copenhagen Convention Bureau to association congresses and national stakeholders alike. 

Events With Ripples

There is a huge untapped potential in systematically planning for legacy. Too much focus has been given to the values associated with direct revenues from congresses and business events. And too little has been given to the potential values to local and global communities. If we look a little further - and ask 'why does this event take place?' There is always a strong and relevant connection to the destination, and its surrounding communities. This is where the real value is. 

Copenhagen Legacy Lab is a nexus that facilitates an exploration and development of untapped potential impact activities for the benefit, transformation and flourishment of our local and global communities.

Drivers of Change

It's no longer a question of whether the meetings industry will change radically, but a question of how. We see three turns of events that all push us to reconsider our industry and our value proposition to international and national stakeholders. 


We stand on the shoulders of partners and thought leaders when we state that the transformative force of events is beyond question. Scholars, governments and meetings industry representatives have for the past decade invested substantially in uncovering the legacy potentials of business events. 

Climate Crisis

The world is facing an unprecedented climate crisis. The meetings industry needs to unfold the full potential of business events, and our events must contribute to the solution of the climate crisis and the fulfilment of teh UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Collaborative Era

We are moving towards an era characterized by collaboration, internationalization, interdisciplinarity, cross-sectorial alliances, openness and problem-focused research. In this era, events will become even more important as platforms for dissemination and sharing of information and network.