6th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency - BEHAVE 2021

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Conference & Meeting Venues

Marmorvej 51

2150 Nordhavn


Main Objectives and targeted audience

  • To foster political support to integrate behavioural insights in energy efficiency policy making and programme designing;
  • To facilitate the exchange of innovative ideas, field experiences, and scientific studies among researchers, practitioners, and government officials regarding the application of behavioural insights for accelerating and upscaling energy efficiency improvement;
  • To disseminate good practices and latest knowledge on behavioural insights application in energy efficiency in the private sector

The targeted audience will include scholars, energy efficiency policymakers and regulators, decision-makers, international development workers, as well as practitioners and the private sector. BEHAVE 2018 attracted over 320 participants. We expect to see another record high number of participants in Copenhagen.


Marmorvej 51

2150 Nordhavn

Opening hours

21 Apr 21 / 23 Apr 21


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